Force multiplier ~ Launcher ~ Guide ~ Operations Manager ~ Coach

I’m Annie Braudy. I practiced law for 20 years, as civil rights attorney, policymaker, and lobbyist.  Some highlights:

  • Defeated the Church of Scientology in LA federal court after they tried to destroy the reputation and livelihood of Dr. John Clark, whose work helped families extricate their loved ones from Scientology.

  • Passed legislation, working across the table with Democratic and Republican leadership, to pair early release of non-violent prisoners with community-based services to reduce recidivism and costs to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Recruited and managed a team of volunteer attorneys who reopened the cases of eight incarcerated battered women, The Framingham Eight, domestic abuse survivors convicted for killing their abusers. This led to multiple releases and reductions in sentences based on self-defense.

In 2005, I founded A Bigger Play to help businesses and individuals have bigger results, as collaborator in catalyzing projects of social impact and well being, including:

  • Published Minneapolis Police Chief Tony Bouza’s book, Expert Witness: Breaking the Policeman’s Blue Code of Silence, a critical insider’s perspective on police misconduct.

  • Guided the pre-launch of Kenneth Chabert’s program, The Gentlemen’s Retreat, to equip high schoolers from the South Bronx with the tools, experiences, and connections to build successful adult lives.

  • Supported the expansion of Healer and Physical Therapist Lalla McHugh’s practice, An Integrated Approach to Wellness, to a larger community.

The first project I ever organized, in my early twenties:

Organized a team of activists, lawyers, shelters, and funders to publish the first self-help manual for Massachusetts battered womenBattered Women: How to Use the Law.


  • University of Michigan, B.A. in Anthropology, 1973

  • Northeastern University School of Law, J.D.,  1980

I’m a multi-instrumentalist, versed in both classical music (piano) and popular music (vocals, keyboards, accordion, and flugelhorn). 

I speak Spanish, understand French, and am learning Hebrew.